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Rain Dance

Africa Day


Luyanda Sidiya

This work is inspired by Energy and Power in all of us. Unleashed, it has the potential to transform the environment or our space, with either positive or negative implications.

The human spectrum is given dominion over all of the earth, everything that creeps on it and remains subdued; an ecosystem balance. However, Dominion in human to human distorts this notion and poses a question – Who is Power?

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Presenting Luyanda Sidiya’s work Umnikelo (Offering)

Sidiya’s hybrid fusion of African Rhythms and movement aesthetics is fast receiving local and international recognition. Umnikelo, a broad word and in the context of a performance with live music, is regarded as the act of being submissive by will towards a deity form or a force beyond physical comprehension.

Lonely Together

Gregory Maqoma & Roberto Olivan

There might have been two dancers on the stage, but there were three performers. With their Lonely Together the artistic triumvirate, Gregory Maqoma, Roberto Olivan and Laurent Delforge, offer the audience a performance of dance and sound that hovers on the perpetual questioning of ‘otherness’, ‘sameness’, ‘foreignness’; a performance that questions the meaning of belonging and utterly one that quivers with a sense of fragility.

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Luyanda Sidiya

As human beings tangled in our own disorder, disruption, and disassociation we constantly yearn for that which guides us to completeness, to oneness. We are in constant search within ourselves, in others, and all around us, for connectedness and peace.

I am here
You are here
Why are we alone?
I am flesh
You are flesh
Why do we hunger?
I am whole
You are whole
What is this void?
I am human
You are human.

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Taking inspiration from his ancestral past, South African choreographer Gregory Maqoma’s moving, evening-length solo Exit/Exist blends storytelling with a powerful dance vocabulary and dynamic live music in an examination of race, political power, and the melding of past and present.

Maqoma reveals the history and fate of his ancestor, a 19th century Xhosa warrior, who fought to maintain cultural traditions in the face of colonial rule. Through his signature integration of traditional and contemporary dance, Maqoma invites audiences to reflect on who we are, where we come from, and how all of these facets, past and present, inform our personal and collective identities today.



Gregory Maqoma, icon of African contemporary dance, and his company, Vuyani, whose dancers are amongst the most popular in South Africa, got together for this occasion with the Erik Truffaz Quartet, formed by Marcello Giuliani, Marc Erbetta, Benoît Corboz and Swiss-French trumpet player, well known for his ability to mix up all kinds of music styles and who also gave his name to the quartet.


Kudu - France

21 January - 13 February

Lonely Together - Rome

26 February

Metro FM Awards - Durban

28 February

Exit/Exist - France Tour

14 March - Maison de la Musique, Nanterre
17 March - Theatre des Abbesses
24 & 25 March - La Maison de la danse, Lyon
27 &28  March -Bonlieu,    Annecy
31Mach - Dôme Théâtre,Albertville

28 February-– 31 March

Page 27- Market Theatre, JHB

31 March-05 April

Dominion - Canada

19 – 26 April

Rain Dance - Market Theatre, JHB

28 – 30 May

Siva - National Arts Festival, Grahamstown

06-08 July

Siva  - Market Theatre, Johannesburg

10- 16 August 

Lonely Together -  Eindhoven Festival, Holland

03 - 05 September

RMB Starlight Classics - Johannesburg

05-06 September

Page 27 - Afrovibes Festival, Holland

05 - 15 October

Lonely Together -  Mercat de les Flors, Spain

08 -19 October

Exit/Exist  -  London

26 October - 01 November

Umnikelo & SIVA - Beijing

06-09 November

Greg Maqoma & Friends - Lyric Theatre, Johannesburg

03 -04 December 

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