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Vuyani Dance Company's latest flight of choreographic fancy may be inspired by many artistic influences, but it is rooted in the concrete reality of our collective vision:

using dance in a provocative and ambitious way
as a vehicle to create sustainable arts jobs

Because of this vision Vuyani Dance Company continues to evolve in a courageous and innovative way directly contributing to the South African creative economy.


Greg Maqoma
Founder, executive director & choreographer

”Being part of a changing artistic & political landscape is important and being part of influencing the desired change is imperative.”

The Vuyani Dance Company Dancers

Our Dancers are of the highest standard and work hard to achieve the highest level of artistic expression

Fullmoon is our latest dance production

Fullmoon is an epic, it takes me to the moon in my sleep and only when I wake up I realize I am still on mother earth.

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Luyanda Sidiya,
Artistic director & choreographer

”Dance with all your might and show the strength that resides in your spirit by turning mystery into ecstasy.”

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